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Hakunilan ja Länsimäen kansainvälinen keittokirja.
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Information and Help Desk

Hakunila International Organization's new information and help desk works to help all foreigners living in Hakunila and outside Hakunila area.

You can visit us if you want information and counselling in matters such as: social issues, study, courses, work matters, crises and other problems. You may also come to talk for other reason.

At our office you can also get information about other activities of our society such as children clubs, and happenings.

The service if free of charge.

  •  By phone, call on:
    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10-16
    telephone: 09-2722775
  • By personal visit you can come without appointment on:
    Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-14

    Kannuskuja 2A, 3 rd floor (Hakunila).

Take the relevant papers with you.

 Also possible on other times on arrangements.

 You can also contact us by email:

Finnish, English, Arabic, Turkish

Other languages:

Mondays 15-17 Albanian language
Tuesdays 15:30-17:30 Kurdish & Persian language
Wednesdays 15-17 Russian language
Fridays 15-17 Somalian language

Burhan Hamdon/ Office Manager

Hakunilan kansainvälinen yhdistys
Kannuskuja 2A, 3. krs. (Hakunila),

01200 VANTAA

Puhelin: (09) 2722775, 040-5013199

Faksi: (09) 2722775

Sähköposti: hakunilan(a)

Hakunilan kansainvälisen yhdistyksen
Länsimäen toimintakeskus

Kilpakuja 1,
01280 VANTAA